Success in life is the ultimate desire of every human being of this planet

We invest our time, money and energy into the tasks that should be done for achieving our goals successfully

However, the road to success is not an easy one and obstacles or challenges affect our moods and make us put in extra efforts so that we can reach our dream destination

As we keep on riding through this journey of life, we keep on working and devising certain strategies that ultimately become our habits

As habits highly influences our journey to success, there are some bad habits that we should remove right away for attracting success

Renowned motivational speaker Himeesh Madaan has listed five things that we must leave right now for attracting success-

Saying YES to everything

We hesitate in saying NO and try to say YES to everything but it only leads us to waste time, dangle others and increase stress as it might keep our necessary work remain pending

Living in the past

If we keep on regretting about sorrows from the past and tend to spoil our present moment it won’t do us any good because the bitter truth is that the future will be better only if we make our present the same

Trying to make everyone happy

As a human being it isn’t possible for us to make everyone happy and the more we try to do so, it will only increase unhappiness so it is better to do things we really want without thinking of others’ opinions

Negative self-talks

Science and religion teaches us that we become the way we think so spending ourselves thinking about negative things, problems and failures will only attract negativity

Dependent on others

As we always keep relying on someone to do this or that thing for us, we often miss learning necessary skills in life so it is high time that we try to do the basic things in life independently