There might be a handful of people in this world who would not like a good cocktail

However, some people while loving a good cocktail think about the calories

Well, we have a solution for that with list of cocktails with the lowest calories

Here are five of the tastiest and lowest coloried coctails:

Gimlet taking the calories to 178

This is classic drink that comprises of gin with sweetened lime juice (fresh ofcourse)

Martini and  176 calories

Again, Gin! A mix of vermouth with gin, surely means a good night out


With just 168 calories projected, Mojito is a mix of sugar, mint leaves, and lime. Oh yes, add some Rum and done! You are now refreshed with the taste

Paloma and its 166 calories

A blend of grapefruit juice, soda, and lime with tequilla makes this one quite a tasty shot and also no calories. You can add sugar or even salt according to your preference but in all sense it is great!

Gin and Tonic

With only 148 calories, Gin and Tonic had been around since the cowboys rode throught the oldwest. Gin and Tonic for the low number of calories can be one of the best drinks for a refreshing evening after a hectic day