Bollywood celebrities are no less than demigods due to the attention they get and the lakhs of followers in their social media handles

Some of them even took their reputation a notch higher by earning a place in the Guinness Book of World Records

Here are some celebrities who have earned in a place in interesting categories in the Guinness Book of World Records

Amitabh Bachchan : Big B , who is himself an institution in acting, holds another record as a singer for singing Hanuman Chalisa along with 19 other popular singers

Abhishek Bachchan : Abhishek, like his father also has his name in the Guinness Book but it is for making the most public appearances in different cities in 12 hours

Katrina Kaif : Katrina, who is now an actress as well as an entrepreneur, earned a record as the highest earning Bollywood actress in 2013 with a total income of Rs. 63.75 crore

Shah Rukh Khan : King Khan, as his name says, entered the Guinness Book for being the highest paid Bollywood actor in 2013 with estimated earnings of Rs. 220.5 crore

Lalita Panwar : From the age of 12, Lalita who appeared in more than 700 films holds the record for having the longest career as a Bollywood actress

Ashok Kumar : Ashok Kumar, or Dadamoni also has a laurel of being a Bollywood actor of having a longest career in leading roles

Asha Bhonsle : Renowned singer Asha Bhonsle holds  the most studio recordings(singles) of up to 11,000 songs in over 20 Indian Languages since 1947.

Sameer Anjaan : The lyricist who wrote 3539 songs for 650 films has the Guinness World Record for writing the highest number of lyrics for Bollywood films

Kapoor Family : The Kapoor family is the well known family in the country as each generation beginning from Prithviraj Kapoor  in 1929 has continued to appear in films