BGMI Update 2.0 schedule released for Android and iOS; How to Download

BGMI is all set to receive its newest update, 2.0

Livik gets a major facelift, a new vehicle, and more added

The BGMI update will look to provide players with an updated take on Livik

New interactable zones, elements such as ziplines, football arenas, and HP-replenishing herbs have been added

The update will be going live on Friday for both Android and iOS devices

Players can choose to download the update manually

BGMI will automatically prompt players to download the update once they launch the game

To download the update manually, go to the Google Play Store (for Android) and click the ‘Update’ button

iOS users can head to the App Store and update the game manually

In addition to Livik, XT Weapon Crates are one of the newer additions in BGMI

XT weapon crates will allow players to upgrade weapons like the AKM and M416 to their XT variants

The newest vehicle in the game, the UTV, is an all-terrain vehicle

BGMI to have new features - the Emergency Pickup to Erangel and Miramar

Emergency Pickup will allow players to summon the dropship and fly them instantly towards the safe zone