Malati, known scientifically as Aganosma heynei, is a big, woody climber which bears beautiful white flowers that are pointed and twisted at the end

The Malati flowers are widely used as an offering to Hindu Gods and Goddesses during religious rituals and ceremonies

Besides its ethereal beauty and extremely pleasant smell, Malati flowers have wonderful health benefits too

Place a bowl of Malati flowers in your living room for beautification and welcoming guests in a sweet traditional gesture

These beautiful flowers will help in reduction of stress and give good vibes of relaxation due to which friendly communication will become more possible

Moreover, don’t forget to put a bowl of Malati flowers in your bedroom too as it is the ultimate comfort zone where we all retire after a hard day’s work

Besides calming the tired mind and body with its smell, the flowers will also be of great help in lulling you into a peaceful sleep

Malati flowers are also known for increasing sexual desires between couples

A highly useful flower as per Ayurveda, Malati flowers are greatly beneficial for mental health

You can also recreate the traditional fashion of your grandmothers today by decorating your hair buns with a gajra of Malati flowers

Meanwhile, who can forget the beautiful bouquets filled with the pretty Malatis that delights everyone’s heart whenever they receive it from someone