Samosa is the most preferred snack that can be eaten merrily by an Indian at any hour of a day

If the samosa is enjoyed with a cup of red tea, the dreamy combination is sure to rub off any kind of blues away

However, if a chance of getting a fat cash prize is announced for food connoisseurs in return for eating a samosa, it sounds too good to be true right?

This golden chance of earning a good sum of money just for eating a samosa is being offered in a sweet shop in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut

The offer is not as simple as it sounds because the competitive eaters have to pass the ‘challenge’ called Bahubali Samosa Challenge

To win this exciting challenge, a foodie has to devour a 8 kg samosa in 30 minutes and then walk back home with a cash prize of Rs. 51,000

This unique samosa of Kaushal Sweets in Meerut’s Kurti Bazaar area includes a filling of potato, peas, cottage cheese and dry fruits

The owner of the sweet shop claimed that no one has been successful in completing the challenge but it has brought back customers to his shop and garnered public attention

He is now coming up with the plan of making a 10 kg samosa in order to increase the footfalls of customers

Today, various kinds of eating challenges are planned by restaurants as this marketing technique is popularized in a large way by food bloggers with Instagram reels and YouTube videos