Tea is a wonderful beverage which we consume daily for refreshing our mind in between hectic schedules

Meanwhile, most of us also cannot imagine of beginning our mornings without the good old cup of tea

There are many special varieties of teas available in the market today that are ideal for gifting your colleagues at work or even friends and relatives

With different flavours to enjoy and fabulous aroma to enjoy when brewed, tea is an ideal gift for anyone special

These are the 5 special varieties of teas you can gift your colleagues at work-

1. Dorje Teas Kashmiri Kahwa Tea (Rs. 399)

A tea product that is a unique blend of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and premium saffron, Kashmiri Kahwa Tea can give you a perfect dose of refreshment and taste

2. Tea Fit Glow-Tangy Toasty Barley Tea (Rs. 360)

This special healthy tea pack comes blended with 15 ultra-nourishing botanicals to build immunity, revive and refresh skin & hair while delivering  instant hydration

3. Blue Tea Combo- Butterfly Pea & Hibiscus Flowers (Rs. 429)

These herbal teas is a wonderful gift to give someone as it is a beauty and healthy tonic as well as a stress relieving drink

4. Namhya Ayurvedic Tea (Rs. 344)

Packed with spices like cinnamon , star anise, fennel seeds, ashwagandha and cardamom, this herbal tea is the best gift to help someone revitalize themselves

5. Makaibari Special Edition Coronation Blend (Rs. 499)

Curated with unique ingredients and technology, this curated blend has a subtle, satiny floral flavor and makes for a great gift

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