It is of utmost importance to drink water regularly in summer to replenish our thirst as our bodies try to cool down through more sweating

To enjoy cool water in a relaxing way and without worrying whether it will cause harm to your throats, the best option is to use a clay pot to store this vital liquid of life

This age old practice of drinking water in the 21st century is an environmental friendly and wise form of lifestyle

Unlike refrigerated water which can cause soreness in throats, clay pots can naturally cool down water and does not harm you even if you consume it when suffering from a cold

As a clay pot is devoid of any kinds of harmful chemicals, the benefits of drinking water from it are more and the body’s metabolism also improves

Clay pots helps in maintaining the useful properties of water more so you can drink it to rehydrate your body quickly and prevent sunstroke which is a major problem that occurs in summers

As clay is alkaline in nature, drinking water from it can keep our body’s pH balance normal and keep acidity and gastric problems at bay

The porous texture of the clay pot blocks contaminants as well as aids in cooling of water naturally so liquid stored in it can remain cool as well as safe