Did China really try to ‘hide’ the actual number of deaths due to Coronavirus pandemic?

The long serpentine queues for deliveries of urns in Wuhan during the last couple of days have raised serious questions about China’s coronavirus reporting.

One funeral home received two shipments of about 5,000 urns in about two days, Caixin, a Chinese digital news outlet has reported.

The Caixin carried a news-item — “In Virus-Ravaged Wuhan, Hours-Long Queues to Collect the Ashes of the Dead”, which raised many eyebrows.

The Caixin reported that on Wednesday and Thursday, thousands of people assembled at the eight funeral homes in Wuhan to collect the ashes of the death.

The longest queue was reportedly in front of the Hankou Funeral Parlor in Wuhan.

Everyone doubted China’s reporting on Coronavirus-related deaths.

But, the false claim or under-reporting is slowly unfolding before the world.

China had reported only 3,299 coronavirus-related deaths, and most of which, were in Wuhan, the epicenter of the global pandemic.

As families and friends started picking up the urns ashes of those who have died, photos began circulating on Chinese social media.

Almost everyone raised serious questions about the large numbers of urns at Wuhan funeral homes.

Workers at the funeral homes at Wuhan reportedly declined to provide any details to on the exact number of urns filled with ashes.

Is China trying to hide the exact number of Coronavirus-related deaths? But, why is China trying to hide the actual death count?

Even if the number of Coronavirus-related deaths in China is more than 3,299, what could be the possible reasons to hide it?

Or, is it because the West, and especially the US, is now blaming China for making Corona a global pandemic?

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