Democracy and its implementation in society are hard to understand. Since independence, democracy has led India to the corridor of development. However, when we delve deeper into the issue, it can be seen that the form of democracy itself has been decaying. This is not only affecting the core system of the country but also leading to rising in social injustice and unrest.

In this article, an attempt has been made to throw some light on Majuli and the factors behinds the underdevelopment of the river island.

Majuli is a land of culture, traditions, which has been continued for years. But multiple factors, including natural hazards, government apathy and corruption in the implementation of schemes have plagued the river island.

Every year, during monsoon season, the residents of Majuli face inexplicable hardships due to recurrent floods. Every year the struggle has been rising. The question arises now, what role does the government play to protect the land of heritage? What development programmes the government has undertaken to protect Majuli? What role do the representatives of the people play in the protection of the island?

The farmers of Majuli were not only affected by flood and erosion but also deprived the well-equipped technologies for agricultural and economic development.

Not only authorities and politicians, media, which can play a key role in the transformation of society, have also not focused on the plight of the residents of Majuli. It is difficult to understand, what stops the media to highlight the problems of Majuli. Do they have no responsibility towards Majuli? Isn’t Majuli belong to Assam?

This proves that though we have democracy, where the common man has the right to choose their rulers. But the implementation of democracy has changed a lot now. Rulers who are elected, have a moral duty to utilize their power for the welfare of the people. The residents of Majuli also choose their representatives with the hope of development but it yields no results. The promises made before elections are never fulfilled after coming to power.

Multiple tragic boat mishaps due to irresponsibility and negligence of the government have taken place in Majuli. It is the responsibility of the public to be aware and conscious of the false promises made by politicians before every election. It is also the youths who need to take the responsibility to change the table, a lot can happen, and a lot can be done to protect, save and develop Majuli. Blaming the government is not only the solution to the problems.

Karl Marx in his capitalism said that, once the class gets conscious regarding domination and exploitation, will revolt and take the power. Youth needs to step ahead with the plan and awake society. Not only the government but the people of the entire Northeast should stand together and raise a loud roar to protect the glorious island. Majuli with its cultural treasure is not just a river island of the Northeast but the glorious heart of Asia.

The writer teaches Sociology at Kaziranga University, Jorhat.


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