“We think too much and feel too little, more than machinery we need humanity, more than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness.”

This famous quote by Charlie Chaplin seems to be much relevant in the present era.

Every day I feel instead of evolving as a human race we are degrading day by day.

It’s not even a week that I experienced something which really compelled me to think – “are we really evolving as a generation or going behind?”

It all started when a school-going minor girl casually commented on one of her friends’ Facebook wall which read: “How about beef Rogan josh? If you haven’t tried already. Muslim hone ka kya fayda hua phir. My mom will never let me have, but i have already. Please have it and give review.”

Within no time the whole of Facebook got flooded with abusive memes, derogatory statements and rape threats.

A young lad, who seems to be a former youth icon, uploaded the screenshots of the minor’s comment captioned as “Get her Jailed” along with his twitter link.

The crusade spread so much negativity all over the Facebook that the minor stopped accessing all her social media handles.

Three days later there was again another post which read “F.I.R have been filed against her…and these students cause hazardous situation causing to the loss of fame of the institute”.

We live in such a hypocrite environment where we go for candle march for the rape victims and acid survivors and come back home, open our social media accounts and without even knowing the actual grounds for any incident, use our keyboard to spread hatred.

Also, the worst part is people tend to justify rape as “if a girl has done wrong she deserves to get raped”.

Nobody literally deserves to get raped under any circumstances.

With the growing use of social media, the youth really tend not to use it wisely.

Cyber trolling and bullying have become a trend these days.

It just takes seconds to defame someone.

Me or my friends, who spoke about the matter, are no way related to the girl nor do we know as of now in what kind of mental state she is.

A few days back, the entire nation was talking about mental peace, but when it came to applying in our real mundane life, we choose this!

And to the people who know that the entire thing taking place is wrong – still, you sit behind as silent spectators.

Remember, today it’s this girl who might be just your internet friend.

But if tomorrow it’s you or your closed ones?

All we need is a little mutual level of understanding, kindness, and love.

Already a lot is happening all around the world with the Covid pandemic.

This is the time at least for once we forget all caste, religion, race, gender barrier, and come together for a good cause.

(The author is a final year student of the Mass Communication department, Assam Don Bosco University, Tapesia. She can be reached at dipshi28@gmail.com)

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