With the Trinamool Congress (TMC) making massive inroads into the political arena in Tripura, the party is now in search of a formidable ally in the state to take on the might of the ruling BJP in the 2023 Assembly elections in the state. 

TMC national general secretary – Abhishek Banerjee who was in Agartala on Monday said that his party is eyeing the 2023 Assembly elections in Tripura. 

“We are putting all our focus on the 2023 Assembly elections in Tripura, so that we can wrest the state from the BJP and end their misrule,” Abhishek Banerjee said. 

He further appealed the opposition parties in Tripura to ally themselves with the TMC and fight the BJP together. 

“We welcome any political party who wants to join hands with us in the fight against the BJP,” Banerjee said. 

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TMC national general secretary – Abhishek Banerjee arrived at Agartala in Tripura on Monday morning. 

Banerjee’s convoy was even attacked by the BJP workers on the road, video of which was tweeted by the TMC national general secretary. 

“The attack that Tripura chief minister welcomed us with, reaffirms our belief that the people of Tripura have been demanding an escape from such barbarism in the name of democracy,” Abhishek Banerjee said. 

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He also visited the Tripureshwari temple and sought blessings from Maa Tripureshwari. 

The TMC in Tripura have gained much grounds at the grass-root level in the past couple of months, with thousands of workers joining the party, since TMC’s emphatic win in the West Bengal elections. 

The TMC in Tripura has now emerged as the main threat to the ruling BJP, especially with just over a year and a half to go for the state elections.