The dreaded double mutant Indian variant of the Covid19, which wreaked havoc in Maharashtra, has been detected in Tripura.

Altogether 11 sequencing reports out of the 19 samples sent to National Institute of Biomedical Genomic, Kalyani for genome sequencing, showed the positive behaviours of the double mutant strain.

Apart from that, five of the remaining samples have been detected as UK variant and one is South African variant.

“All these variants are acknowledged by the doctors as VOC (Variant of concerns) variants,” senior virologist, Professor Tapan Majumder said on Thursday evening after the detailed sequencing report reached the Tripura health department.

Even one person died due to the complications caused by the double mutant variant, Prof Majumder told reporters.

“About 70% of the positive cases in Maharashtra are contributed by this double mutant variant. The UK variant is being found predominantly in Delhi and the South African strain is also being reported in sizable figures in several states of the country.”

“What seems as a sigh of relief for us is that the killer variant — the Brazilian strain – has not been reported yet in the state,” Prof Majumder told reporters at AMC conference hall in Agartala.

According to him, these virus strains have some biological characteristics that make them more infective.

He said chances of transmission by these strains are higher than the previous normal virus and most importantly, they have caused higher rates of morbidity in comparison to the other strains.

“Significantly, there are possibilities that these strains can escape the preventive shield put forth by the vaccine,” he added.

He advised all to maintain the Covid- appropriate behaviour and participate in aggressive vaccination.

“We have only two ways left in front of us. First to adhere to the Covid19 appropriate behaviour strictly and to participate in vaccination as per the government norms,” Prof Majumder added.

According to him, the increased number of beds, oxygen cylinders and other facilities cannot help, “we have to put concerted efforts to avert the infection in reaching its peak”.

“These strains have been definitely imported from other parts of the country. We need to be more cautious as the situation is turning harsh with every passing day. At the same time, panic can not be a solution. We all have to maintain the prescribed behaviours so that we can win over the virus,” Prof Majumder said.

In reply to a query, he advised that people should wear triple-layer masks, which are capable of preventing the virus.

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