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Sikkim Krantikari Morcha(SKM) spokesperson, Jacob Khaling, who is also the political secretary to the chief minister, stated that SKM government will pass the pro-people budget in the State Assembly after a gap of 25 years.

He mentioned that this budget will be for the every section of the society.

However, he alleged that the opposition Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party has been trying to play with the future of the people of Sikkim by threatening to go to the court if the budget was passed.

Addressing a press conference in Gangtok on Thursday, Khaling stated that SKM government was in the majority in the State.

He added that even the former chief minister and SDF president Pawan Chamling has already accepted the majority of SKM government otherwise SDF would have brought the no confidence motion in the Assembly.

On the same, he mentioned that SKM can place the financial bills and the budget in the Assembly and even the elected government can pass the budget.

He added that to go against the passing of the budget was totally anti-people act.

He mentioned that the budget having one year salaries for One Family One Job employees, to pay arrears of the government employees of the 5th Pay Commission in one go, white papers on the mismanagement of funds and debts on the State in SDF government and others.

He stated that if the white paper will be passed in the Assembly then every person would know about the mismanagement, scams, corruption and misdeed of SDF government.

Khaling suggested that SDF should now accept its defeat and to start working for the people.

“The present act of SDF party shows that its politics is just for the power and has not concern for the people and the State,” he alleged.

He mentioned that the PIL by SDF in the court reveals that SDF was totally against the mandate of the people.

He added that P S Golay became the chief minister after getting the votes of the people.

He explained that the majority government can make the chief minister of its choice without being elected.

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