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Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) president Pawan Chamling on Wednesday exuded confidence that the party will again form government in the State.

He said the SDF can even form the government any time before 2024 election.

He stated that SDF party will not move back if any such opportunity comes through.

However, he said the party wants to form the government again in the State with proper mandate of the people in the election.

He was addressing leaders, workers and supporters of SDF party during the 28th foundation day celebration of the party at SDF Bhawan in Gangtok.

In his address, the SDF president shared about struggles faced during the formation of the party on March 4, 1993.

He stated that a democratic and pro-people party was an aspiration and demand of the then people of the State.

“Our politics was not just limited up to form the government but we had long term politics to make the future of Sikkim and its people but the people brought us in the government and we served the people of Sikkim for 25 long years,” he expressed.

Chamling alleged that the present political situation in the State was same as the situation was during the formation of SDF party in year 1993.

“SDF has just lost the election but we are still in the people’s minds and it is not the defeat of our principle, policies, programme and vision,” he said.

“SDF party has won despite of its loss in the election as we got many lessons and opportunity to correct our mistake and also received an opportunity to know about the people in the party,” he expressed.

He further said leaders and workers presently in the party were the real supporters of policies and principles of SDF party and work in the interest of peace and development of Sikkim.

On behalf of the party, he congratulated and expressed best wishes to Sikkim Krantikari Morcha government and further urged the government to fulfill its promises made during the election in the interest of the people.

Sagar Chhetri

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