Niki Sumi, the president of the Niki Sumi faction of the NSCN-K, said that separate agreements with different factions of the Naga political groups cannot bring final and inclusive solution to the Naga political issue.  

He said this in the backdrop of the Government of India making it clear that there will be only one inclusive solution to the Naga issue. 

Addressing the media in Dimapur on Monday, Sumi reasoned that the NSCN-IM signed the ‘Framework Agreement’ in 2015 while the seven Nagaland National Political Groups (NNPGs) signed the ‘Agreed Position’ with the Government of India in 2017, but the final solution eluded the Naga people till date. 

Calling of the press conference by the Niki Sumi group on Moonday assumes significance as the NSCN-IM was also holding talks with former Intelligence Bureau special director AK Misra at Chumukedima police complex around the same time.    

Sumi said the Naga people wanted peace and called his group to India from Myanmar to find an inclusive solution. The Centre signed a ceasefire agreement with the group for one year on September 6. 

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“We will strive for one solution with the advice of the people. We will go by what the people decide,” he stated. 

Sumi said the solution lies with the Naga people, saying that they should raise their demands with one voice. 

Stating that he is not against the Framework Agreement or the Agreed Position, Sumi said, “If we submit separate demands, another problem will crop up.” 

According to him, only when the three Naga entities – the NSCN-IM, NNPGs and his faction – are brought together, then only there cannot be one inclusive solution. 

Asked why the final solution could not be arrived at despite the NSCN (IM) and NNPGs signing agreements with the Centre, Sumi said both the factions and Naga public are to blame. He said the groups are fighting for solution though they signed the agreements under the Constitution of India while one section of the Nag people are siding with one group and another section with another group. 

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“I am for bringing together the three groups to one table,” he stressed. However, Sumi made it clear that his group will not merge with either the NSCN (IM) or the NNPGs. 

Queried about his opinion on formation of the opposition-less government in Nagaland for the Naga issue, Sumi said both ruling and Opposition members are Nagas. They will support the Naga issue whether they are in the government or in the Opposition, he said. 

On the multiple taxation issue in the state, he said the people will have to pay tax till a final solution is found. “How can we run the government if the people do not pay tax or donation,” he asked. 

Sumi added that they understand the sufferings of the public and the business community. 

On September 16, Sumi held a consultative meeting with the apex Naga tribal bodies. He called upon the tribal leaders to stand as one and voice out their aspirations and desires as one people and tell all the Naga political groups what needs to be done in order to bring about a lasting peace in the land. 

Bhadra Gogoi

Bhadra Gogoi is Northeast Now Correspondent in Nagaland. He can be reached at: