Mystery shrouds claim over Rebati Phukan’s presence in CRPF’s Shillong camp

I am still not sure about my father’s whereabouts, says Rebati Phukan’s son Kaushik Phukan; CRPF doctor, Jorhat-based journalist interrogated

Rebati Phukan
Rebati Phukan. File photo

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Mystery shrouds the news of Rebati Phukan, a member of People’s Consultative Group (PCG) member, who has been missing since April 22, being found in Shillong on Wednesday.

The PCG was formed by the United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) in 2005 to facilitate peace talks between the ULFA and the government.

Rebati Phukan, who went missing from his residence at Ambikagri Nagar in Guwahati, was a former State footballer and is close to the Commander-in-Chief of the United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I), Paresh Barua.

Talking to Northeast Now, Kaushik Phukan, son of Rebati Phukan on Wednesday said, “One Dr Gabriel, claiming to be a doctor at a Shillong-based CRPF Camp on Tuesday in a WhatsApp message to a Jorhat-based journalist informed about the presence of our father in Shillong.” He also said that the doctor also informed the journalist that Rebati Phukan was with the CRPF.

As per information, after the Jorhat-based journalist being interrogated by the police, the doctor has also been taken to Guwahati for interrogation by police.

Now, question arises, whether Rebati Phukan was taken to Shillong after kidnapping.

Kaushik Phukan further told Northeast Now that he is still not sure about his father’s whereabouts and whether he is in the hospital.

He stated that if the WhatsApp message has to be believed his father should in the custody of the CRPF.

When asked how Rebati Phukan could be under the custody of the CRPF, Kaushik said that the doctor might have come to know about his father when he was taken to the hospital for treatment. “But nothing is clear,” he said.

Regarding CRPF’s possible hand in the missing of Rebati Phukan, Kaushik said, “We will have to wait for the statement of the CRPF doctor to know about the real facts.”

However, the Geetanagar Police denied the news about the CRPF doctor being taken to the Geetanagar Police Station for questioning.

As per sources, the CRPF doctor is being interrogated in the Special Branch of the Assam Police at Kahilipara here.

While reacting to the media reports, the Inspector General of CRPF NE Sector, Prakash D reportedly denied Phukan being under the custody of the CRPF.

What Rebati Phukan’s ‘close friend’ and ULFA-I C-in-C Paresh Barua would in this regard would be significant.

It may be mentioned that as Rebati Phukan went missing, Paresh Barua pointed fingers at the pro-talk ULFA leaders.

Kalpajyoti Saikia
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