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More than a century after it spread its wings in India’s Northeast, Christianity is facing a threat.

A cult group from South Korea has reportedly posed a threat to the Christianity in India’s Northeast, particularly in Manipur.

In Manipur, a little over 40 per cent of the population is Christians.

The growth of fan followers of Shincheonji, a cult group from South Korea, has forced the Manipur Baptist Convention (MBC) to issue warning to all its followers.

The warning has been issued so that the followers of Baptist Church in Manipur can keep away from the cult group.

Most of the northeastern states have large Christian population and Nagaland and Manipur have good numbers of followers of Baptist Church.

“This is to inform to all institutions and churches of Manipur Baptist Convention to remain informed and vigilant about the dangerous heretical cult group called ‘Shincheonji’ from South Korea,” said MBC general secretary Rev. Wungnaoting Konghar.

“Their leader MAN-HEE LEE claims to have access to secret knowledge of scriptures which other church pastors do not know,” said Konghar.

“He claims that one can truly know God only by following and listening to the teachings of Shincheonji,” Konghar added.

Rev. Konghar said a lot of people from Manipur, particularly young people, have already fallen prey to their deceptive teachings of the cult.

“One major concern for us is that they are infiltrating our city churches and luring our young people for their false doctrinal Bible study,” he said.

“Their teachings create animosity and distrust between church members,” he added.

“It has come to our knowledge that a good number of young people from Manipur have fallen prey to their false and deception teachings,” Konghar said.

“Therefore we would like to request you, all the leaders, to stay alert and take necessary precautions,” he said.

Konghar also urged all to circulate the message against Shincheonji.

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