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Ravi Nishant
Ravi Nishant, founder and CEO of Edvizo

Today, there are host of career counseling centres spread across the Northeast in particular and the entire nation in general.

But still, most of the students in the country, especially the Northeast today, struggle to choose the right career.

This task gets even more challenging by not getting the right guidance at the right time.

Despite the many opportunities available for students today, students are not aware of them and end up making bad career choices under pressure from their parents and society to choose subjects they think are important to succeed in life.

In an overwhelming number of scenarios this decision doesn’t fit well and they have to face difficulties in near future.

In order to ensure that a student doesn’t regret her/his decision in future, Edvizo, an IIT Guwahati alumnus’ startup, makes career choice easier for students.

Talking to Northeast Now over phone from Bangalore, Ravi Nishant, founder and CEO of Edvizo says, “many experts from IITs, IIMs, AIIMS, former IAS officers are giving the right guidelines to students according to their ability, so that the students can prove to be effective in achieving maximum efficiency.”

“For parents and students, it is very difficult to get complete and accurate information about any coaching institute in today’s misleading branding and advertising era. Most often students are being trapped by the mirage created by the extensive branding and by the time they realize that continuing with the same institute is not benefiting them, it is too late in terms of the already invested money and time,” Ravi said.

He further added that often people who come from ordinary middle-class families feel betrayed. In this scenario choosing a good coaching institution has become a painful task.

Edvizo’s website and mobile app provide students with all the necessary and verified information, and also ensure that the opinions of their old students are there on the profile of the institute.

Ravi further said that institutions are weighed on different criteria on our platform and then a feedback is taken by the students of each institute, with an option to keep the identity of these students confidential.

This gives the enrolled students the opportunity to provide the right guidance to new aspirants in helping them take the correct decision. This also encourages a healthy competition among the institutions which motivates them to improve,” he further added.

The institutes registered with Edvizo get the facility to communicate test results, attendance and all other necessary information to its students and their parents through the Edvizo app and automated SMS.

Edvizo caters providing anonymous counseling to such students, where they can share their personal problems beyond academics as well. From time to time, they are assisted in career counseling and motivational sessions are also being organized.

Edvizo has provided the ‘EMI service’ for fee payment, so that parents can deposit fees every month as per their convenience. In addition to this, Edvizo provided financial assistance to economically backward meritorious students through various types of scholarships.

Since Edvizo has been established with the aim of improving the entire education system, so it has so many things to offer for coaching institutes as well.

In this digital world, still many institutions invest so much time in doing paperwork in order to manage their day to day activities. Edvizo gives them a way to improve their performance and manage with the help of digital methods which not only saves time but makes it easy to manage. Edvizo has so far provided free IMS management solutions to more than 900 institutions of five cities of India who were unable to purchase it.

Notably, Edvizo provides all the services free of charge to the students and parents. In

Thwentythree-year-old Ravi’s long-term vision for Edvizo is to help people fulfill their education dreams by improving three key factors – transparency, accountability and technology.

Coming from a small village, he has to gone through several hardships to get access to proper education. He has attended IIT Guwahati, but gave up his studies in the third year of his doing B Tech.

Being a startup enthusiast, he has worked with six startups in their early as well as mature stages. He has the vision to align the Indian education system in a way that makes educational institutes accountable to the students as well as society.

Passion for startup idea motivated to bring the vision to life without wasting a single moment. This enthusiasm drove him to the Silicon Valley of India, giving up a lucrative course in IIT-Guwahati.

Asif Ibrahim

Asif Ibrahim is Chief Copy Editor of Northeast Now. He can be reached at: asifibrahim1@gmail.com

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