Eating stale rice eliminates the problem of ulcer from the root.

If one has ulcer problem, it is advisable to eat stale rice thrice a week.

This will soon cure the wound.

It increases immunity aiding in fighting cancer.

It is also helpful in reducing and controlling obesity.

If one wants to quit the addiction of tea and coffee, then it is advisable to eat stale rice.

If one is addicted to tea and coffee and one wants to quit or get rid of it, then eating the rice after waking up in the morning will control the addiction in a few days.

Rancid rice keeps you fresh throughout the day.

It also provides energy for working throughout the day.

Rancid rice contains micro-nutrients and many essential minerals.

In this case, eating stale rice every morning is beneficial.

Nutrients and minerals are a treasure of stale rice.

Stale rice contains many nutrients and minerals which are beneficial for the body.

Many researches also say that stale rice is beneficial for health.

Stale rice keeps the body temperature in control because its temperature is cold.

This protects the body from many minor diseases.


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