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The Bodoland Janajati Sukurksa Manch (BJSM) president Janaklal Basumatary has strongly reacted to parliamentarian Naba Sarania claim of his ST status.

Basumatary said that Sarania belongs to Sarania Kachari community, and not Borokachari as he claimed to get ST certificate fraudulently from the State Government.

Basumatary claimed that Naba Kumar Sarania as MP by default issued ST certificate to Sarania Kachari community as Kachari much before this government order to one Mintu Sarania s/o Dhaneswar Sarania of village Ambari, PS Tamalpur, District Baksa on 16/10/2015 although the Sarania Kachari community is not notified as ST, nor Sarania Kachari is notified as Borokachari or Rabha or Kachari in the Constitutional order.

“Naba Sarania belonging to Sarania Kachari, a non notified community but obtained ST certificate as Borokachari fraudulently without being Borokachari. He has issued a Sarania Kachari community ST certificate as Kachari without notification in constitutional order 1950 as amended till date,” Basumatary said.

All Kachari group is notified ST separately in the list of ST (p) of Assam as Barman Kachari in serial number 1, Boro kachari in serial number 2, Kachari Sonowal in serial number 5, and Dimasa kachari in serial number 10.

But nowhere Sarania Kachari is notified nor Sarania Kachari is notified as sub tribe of Kachari.

The state government order is not notification of Constitutional order 1950 as amended till date.

Thus ST certificate issued to Sarania Kachari as Kachari proves that he himself belongs to Sarania Kachari community as earlier the Sarania community use to write Boro kachari to get ST certificate without notification in constitutional ST order 1950as amended till date.

Thus Naba Sarania accumulating legal write in the issue of his fraudulent ST certificate claim of himself and issuing ST certificate to non notified community, added J L Basumatary, president of BJSM.

Rinoy Basumatary

Rinoy Basumatary is Northeast Now Correspondent in Kokrajhar. He can be reached at:

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