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A view of the Janmashtami celebration by Assamese people living in Pune. Image - Northeast Now

The Assamese fraternity based in Pune, almost in entirety got together on Sunday at ELTIS, SB Road to celebrate Janmashtami and ‘bhaado mohiya’ naam.

Asomi, a cultural association of the Assamese people in Pune, has been organising this event for the past four years and this year, they were successfully able to club the Janmashtami celebrations along with the ‘naam’.

Speaking about the dynamics of the event, Col. (retired) Tarun C Borah, Advisor, Asomi, said, “Today is Janmashtami and we, Asomi, have organised this event in Pune. We would also like to extend warm wishes of Janmashtami to one and all. It’s good to see that the entire Assamese community in Pune getting together and celebrating this occasion with such fervour.”

He also spoke about the significance of the on-going month and how the ‘Bhaado maah’ is very special for each and every Assamese individual.

Wishing all a happy Janmashtami, Borah said, “In the month of ‘Bhado’, Assamese people offer prayers in all religious places across the State and we pray for the well-being of one another. On Janmashtami, we offer prayers to Lord Krishna and pray Him to usher blessings on us.”

The event was attended by over 50 people and it was carried out by keeping all the minute details of ‘naam’ in mind.

Priyankan Goswami, an HR professional, said that conducting and pulling off an event of such a scale despite being away from Assam is a big achievement itself.

Priyankan Goswami also said, “Such things are fading in Assam itself and people who have migrated to cities have lost touch with such festivities and auspicious activities.”  He hoped that Asomi continues to keep it alive within the Assamese fraternity in Pune.

Abhinandan Goswami, an IT professional, spoke about the importance it carries for the younger generation.

“This is a great thing for kids who have been born and brought up out of Assam. It will help them in getting one step closer to their culture and rich heritage and preserve all their values,” said Abhinandan Goswami with a smile of optimism and sparkle of happiness in his eyes.

Exactly a week back, at the same venue, Asomi organised a ‘Freshers’ party for the Assamese people who have recently moved to Pune.

Dr Samiron Phukan, vice-president, Asomi, said more and more people from Assam have started choosing Pune as a destination for career or to pursue education.

“This event, which is an amalgamation of Janmashtami and naam has turned out to be very crucial for us. People from across the city have taken out time off their schedules and actively participated and thus have made this a grand success. This is the 4th time we have organised this and we wish to carry this ahead for all the years to come,” said Phukan.

It was a grand event in which the Assamese fraternity came together and celebrated something which is extremely close to their hearts.

It was accompanied by traditional Assamese instruments which can be seen in a ‘Naam ghar’ and the enthusiasm of the folks who attended the event was unparallel.

It concluded with ‘prasaad’ and ‘paayas’ being served to all the attendees along with cups of Assam tea, the leaves for which were sourced straight from a tea garden in Assam.

In a nutshell, the venue had turned into a miniature version of Assam with several people coming together under one roof and letting a festival do what it does best – bring people together and celebrate love, life and everything in between.

Akashdeep Baruah

Akashdeep Baruah is Northeast Now Correspondent in Pune. He can be reached at: baruah.akashd@gmail.com

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