A snapshot of the film Evening Gush.

Assam’s filmmaker Xahid Khan’s Assamese short film ‘Evening Gush’ is set for the world premiere on Tuesday (August 10, 2021) at Pause Premiere Festival 2021.

Filmmaker Khan informed that the event will be organised online and the link of the film will be live for 24 hours with effect from 6 PM (UK time), 12 PM (USA Central) and 10:30 PM (IST).

In order to watch the film, one will have to go through a link – events.paus.tv/EveningGush.

The 7:23 minutes-long film of the genrre ‘Suspense Drama’ was produced this year.

“The premiere is very special for independent filmmaker like me as it is a tip-based premiere and if any person likes the film they can tip the filmmaker for their next production which will be very useful for us,” Khan said.

“Pause is a launchpad for filmmakers, like movie saints. But Pause goes through a selection process. They select films from all over the globe and they premiere it through the UK-based web application Pause TV which is available on Android, iOS & Desktop,” he said.

What is the story of the film, ‘Evening Gush’ goes?

Madhuhmita Kashyap (Jureen Mahanta) and Nilakshi Thakuria ( Nilakshi Kalita) are two young working women, who share a flat in Guwahati city.

Madhusmita reached the flat early and called Nialkshi asking her to bring eggs and bread for the breakfast.

Nilakshi comes with eggs & bread and grumbles about the job and her mother’s sickness.

Madhusmita asked Nilakshi to take bath. Meanwhile, she went to the kitchen to make tea for both.

Madhusmita’s phone rings from Nilakshi’s phone, and a male says Nilakshi met with an accident.

Hearing the man, Madhusmita freaks out and gets puzzled as Nilakshi is with her!

Regarding the story, Khan said, “I developed the story from Newton’s 1st law of motion which says an object at rest remains at rest, or if in motion, remains in motion at a constant velocity unless acted on by a net external force.”

The film has been produced by Sanjana Koch Khan, who is also a school teacher.

In 2015 she co-produced the film ‘Sand-The Love without Trust’ along with Xahid Khan and produced Xahid Khan’s ‘Alert- Condition: Red’ in 2016.

‘Evening Gush’ is her third film as a producer.

Jureen Mahanta, who plays the role of Madhuhmita Kashyap, is a student of Mass Communication of Asian Institute of Management and Technology.

She is an active stage drama artist in Assam. ‘Evening Gush’ is her second film. She is currently working on a feature film which is under production, filmmaker Khan informed.

Director Xahid Khan.

Nilakshi Kalita, who plays the role of Nilakshi Thakuria, did her postgraduation from Gauhati University in Zoology.

She has done a diploma in acting from Jirsong Studio under the mentorship of National School of Drama alumni Rabijita Gogoi.

Nilakshi acted in a short film named ‘She’ by the production house of Rabijita Gogoi and a web series entitled ‘Memories of an ant’ for Nexster.

Apart from direction and screenplay, the story has been written by Khan himself.

The other creative crew members include D.O.P – Prit Barua; Makeup – Patiyashi Bordoloi; Editing & Colour- Jitu Ray; Background Score – Bhaskar Medhi; Theme Music – Rupantor Puzari; Sound Design & Mixing – Jyoti Chetia; Assistant Director & Lights – Hiru Borgohain; Still Photography – Rakesh Bharali and Amir Shahnawaz is in Production Control.

Filmmaker Khan is widely known for his short film ‘Alert – Condition: Red’.

He debuted with his first Hindi film ‘Sand-The Love without Trust’ in 2015.

His second film ‘Alert-Condition: Red’ was the semifinalist in Academy Awards (OSCAR) Qualifying Film Festival ‘Best of India Short Film Festival, Los Angles.

For ‘Alert Condition: Red’, he got international recognitions and won many awards including Best Films and Best Directors awards.

‘Mistake’ is his last film which was also screened in many International, national as well as regional film festivals including Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival and won the best film awards in Emirates Short Film Festival 2019 in Dubai.

‘Evening Gush’ is his 5th film.

He was also nominated for North East India’s Person of The Year in 2018 and made his name in the list of Northeast Top 500 influential people.

Khan was also honoured as India Star Icon Award in 2019.

Raju Deuri is Assistant Editor of Northeast Now. He can be reached at: rajudeuri1974@gmail.com