In the rural areas of Assam, all the shops and commercial establishments shall shut down at 1 PM on all days and the curfew will be effective from 2 PM to 5 AM daily, according to the new guidelines issued by the Assam government on Tuesday.

In an order issued on Tuesday, Assam chief secretary Jishnu Barua said the ASDMA on May 4, 2021 issued revised directives for containment of Covid19 cases across the state wherein there was a ban on movement of individuals from 6 PM to 5 AM (May 5, 2021) until further orders.

The ASDMA on May 12, 2021 issued detailed directives for containment of COVID19 cases in the urban and adjacent areas wherein there was a ban for 15 days on functioning of offices, educational institutions weekly haats/bazaars and religious places with effect from 5 AM of May 13, 2021.

The ASDMA on May 17, 2021 issued directives restricting inter-district transport services and movement of people to and from other districts for 15 days with effect from 5 AM of May 21, 2021.

Observing that containment measures taken so far have been found to be effective over the last few days, adequate measures for both urban and rural areas are still of utmost necessity in order to further contain COVID19 across the state, the order on Tuesday said.

In partial modifications of the earlier orders and in continuation of the order issued on May 17, 2021, the ASDMA authority has issued the following directives which will be applicable across the state and shall come into force with immediate effect till June 5, 2021

The new guidelines for the rural areas:

A. Gatherings:

1. All shops and commercial establishments shall shut down at 1 PM on all days.

2. Restaurants, dhabas and other eateries can entertain dine-in guest only up to 1 PM.  Takeaway including home delivery of food is allowed till 2 PM after which only home delivery of food will be allowed.

3. Restaurants operating within a hotel or resort can allow outside guests up to 1 PM only. However, in-house guests of the hotel/resort may be allowed to dine-in up to the usual time of operation.

4. Cold storages and warehouses may continue after 1 PM. However, sale counters, showrooms, etc. attached to these warehouses or cold storages shall not operate after 1 PM.

B. Work places (government and private)

1. All offices both private and government shall shut down at 1 PM on all days.

C. Night curfew

There shall be total ban on movement of individuals from 2 PM to 5 AM daily.

For urban areas and adjacent areas within 5 km radius from the periphery of municipal corporation / municipal boards / revenue towns, the directives issued vide No. ASDMA. 24/2020/Pt-2/241 issued on May 12, 2021 and ASDMA.24/2020/Pt-2/253 issued on May 15, 2021 shall continue to remain in force till June 5, 2021.

Other restrictions and exemptions as notified vide Order No.ASDMA.28/2021/63 dated May 1, 2021 for rural areas and vide ASDMA.24/2020/Pt-2/241 dated May 12, 2021 and ASDMA. 24/2020/Pt-2/253 dated May 15, 2021 for urban and peripheral areas, clarifications issued vide Order No.ASDMA.24/2020/Pt-2/250 dated May 13, 2021 and ASDMA 24/2020/Pt 2/255 dated May 17, 2021 shall continue to remain in force, the order said.

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