An Assamese nurse working in Mumbai has tested positive for COVID19.

The nurse, Daijee Saikia, in a Facebook Live stream on Sunday sought help of the Assam government and health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stating that she has received no treatment in the quarantine centre in Mumbai.

Daijee, engaged as a nurse at PD Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai, is a resident of Chandamari in Guwahati.

The Assamese nurse claimed she along with other positive nurses have been kept in the quarantine centre which has no clean environment.

She said the PD Hinduja Hospital authority has also not taken their responsibility.

Daijee alleged: “After we tested positive for COVID19 yesterday (Saturday), the Hinduja Hospital has not taken our responsibility till date.”

She informed that along with 50 other nurses, she has been kept in the same quarantine centre having 2,000 beds.

Daijee said: “We have been kept in a 2,000-bedded quarantine centre of COVID19 positive patients.”

“We have neither been provided any treatment nor other facilities.”

“I have intimated the hospital authorities over the telephone that my health condition is very bad. But they have taken no decision,” said Daijee.

Daijee said she has not consumed anything since Saturday.

“We have not been provided with any medicine. A total of 50 nurses have tested positive. But the government has not taken care of us,” Daijee further said in the Facebook Live stream.

She raised a serious allegation that they have been given bed sheets used by positive patients who stayed earlier in the centre.

“In such an environment there are scopes of more transmission of the virus. The bathrooms are dirty, no sanitizers. There are no proper facilities here. I am tired. How many people will have to be approached? I am tired of telling since yesterday,” she added.

To save her from such a situation Daijee now has sought help from the Assam government.

Daijee said: “We have not received any help from the Maharashtra government and the hospital (PD Hinduja Hospital) authority. I hope, the Assam government and health minister Himanta Bisa Sarma will help in shifting us to another facility.”

Kalpajyoti Saikia

Kalpajyoti Saikia is Senior Reporter of Northeast Now. He can be reached at: