Assamese film Calendar makes waves in metros

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The Assamese movie Calendar is creating waves in the metros of India.

After running to full houses in Bangalore,  Delhi,  Mumbai,  Pune it was screened last evening at Baroda,  Gujarat in which Bhavesh  Erda,  deputy secretary,  cultural secretary of government of Gujarattraveled from Ahmedabad to Baroda to watch the movie.

“This is for the first time that an Assamese movie has been screened in Gujarat.  This   has opened the doors for other Assamese movies to follow.  It was a sort of  cultural exchange,”  director Himjyoti Talukdar said.

Talukdar said that a mixed audience,  majority belonging to the Assamese community in Gujarat, saw the movie at the Cinepolis theater last evening.

“Although the audience was mostly Assamese,  people from other communities too have enjoyed the film as the subtitles have conveyed the content.  Several comments by non Assamese which we have recorded show that they liked and understood the theme which is universal,  “Talukdar further said.

The arrangement for screening the movies in the metros was done by a partner 1018MB,  a web portal.  Word also spread through the social media and by mouth, so there were full houses.

“In Baroda,  the Assam Association led by its chairperson Mamata Mohilari helped us in contacting people, ” Talukdar said.
Talukdar said that only one show was arranged in each of the metros due to financial constraints of booking a theater for a week or more.

Calendar had released to full houses in theaters in Assam on February 16, running for four weeks,  a record of sorts for an Assamese movie in recent times.

Calendar,  a small budget movie with three main characters,  an old couple and their only son,  tells the story of how the couple cope  and adjust to a situation when the son migrates to the big city for work,  a situation faced by many parents in present times.

Smita Bhattacharyya
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