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Sonitpur District transport office (DTO) has collected the highest revenue compared to last year, which is approximately 3 crore 60 lakh, since March last year.

Earlier the DTO had collected 2 crore 40 lakh revenue in taxes, said District Transport Officer Makhan Dutta.

Another factor which has led to the increase in revenue is Higher Security Registration Plate (HSRP) which is done in the same office.  Around 9,13024 registration were done  in May  which is more than the previous year, after the establishment of its office in 2012.

An amount of Rs 9130 rupees goes to government exchequer.

Last month 3565 numbers of various new vehicles have been registered.

The District Transport office urged the common citizens in the district that vehicles like motorcycles should never be re-modified to control noise pollution in the town and adjoining areas.

Noise pollution in Tezpur has created havoc. Youths have started re-modifying vehicles, which contributes to the noise pollution. Re-modification of vehicles is an office in vehicle act.

The Transport office has recently seized a huge numbers of such vehicles. More than 60 thousand rupees fine was collected, Dutta Said .

A notification was also issued that vehicles like motor bike without looking glass, helmet will be charged fine. Riding in cars without seatbelts and using mobiles should stop immediately. Old number plates should be changed otherwise fine will be charged, the officials have already started operation against such practices, Dutta said.

Pranab Kr Das

Pranab Kumar Das is Northeast Now Correspondent in Tezpur. He can be reached at:

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