Jorhat Superintendent of Police Vaibhav Chandrakant Nimbalkar. Photo source - Facebook

Jorhat Superintendent of Police Vaibhav Chandrakant Nimbalkar took time out from fighting crime to deliver a motivational talk on positive thoughts as the way to a positive life, on community policing and the unrest which might arise after publication of the final list of National register of Citizens (NRC) at the Vivekananda Kendra here on Sunday evening.

Quoting from the Bhagwad Gita and the Purana, Nimbalkar said that speaking from experience he could say that one could be the architect of one’s destiny if one remained positive in thought.

The SP said that while appearing for the UPSC examination, the toughest examination in India and the second toughest after France, he was sure that he could clear it.

His mother too had fed him a pedal when he left the house to appear for the examination and told him that she had seen a lot of people feeding him pedal.

“It is this kind of positivity with which you are surrounded which also counts. In your subconscious mind, if you think that something might not happen then that more often than not happened,” he said.

Narrating the story from the Puranas of the man who while resting under the kalpa vriksh, first asked for food, then water, a bed and cool breeze and after all these were fulfilled, he wondered if these were not the doing of a ghost at which a ghost appeared, and then wondered if the ghost would not eat him up and he was at the end gobbled up by the ghost.

“What we feed into our thought computers come back to us.  Every action and thought has equal and opposite reaction,” he said.

The SP also said that terrorism was a big problem now but a child was not a born terrorist. He or she might become one after falling into bad company so citing the example of Abhimanyu, he said that right from the womb or infancy, the child should be shown the right path.

Nimbalkar further said that the society had become more of a negative place because of wrong use of education which made many people take to crimes like APSC’s suspended chairman Rakesh Paul.

He further said that even educated people were prone to believe in superstitions and that they had to deal with this which was another aspect of negativity.

Regarding community policing which was a relatively new concept, the SP said that the police were being trained in this.

Nimbalkar said, “Due to social media, globalization and the Internet, a person sitting in America could swindle you of all your money or clean up your bank account.” The blue whale game was another such example of how persons in Russia were manipulating the minds of youngsters, he added.

As regards the NRC, he said that after publication of the final list the police were apprehensive that many hate crimes could take place by people with vested interests and were preparing to take preventive measures.  He asked the gathering to be alert against such unrest and to help the police prevent the same.

Smita Bhattacharyya

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