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A team from 3 Corps Indian Army carried out survey for constructing a Bailey bridge over the natural pond near the Baghjan 5 oil well site in Assam’s Tinsukia on Tuesday.

Vehicles sent to 3 Corps Indian Army at Misamari for mobilizing material and personnel reached Misamari and loading is in progress.

Two numbers of Bunk houses and one number of generating set have been placed at site after completion of civil work for development of the area.

“First load of equipment/materials mobilized from ONGC-Rajahmundry reached Duliajan and offloaded in the early morning on Tuesday at OIL’s CMT Yard, Duliajan for inspection by experts.

Second load of Equipment/Materials mobilized from ONGC–Rajamundry is in transit.

One team of experts from Alert is visiting well site to assess the preparation at site for capping the well,” a OIL press statement stated.

However, fabrication job is in progress at OIL’s Engineering Workshop for fire hydrant manifold and casing clamp to be required for well control operation.

Fabrication job is in progress at OIL’s Engineering Workshop for two numbers of Heat Shields required for reducing heat hazards to working personnel at site.

Testing job is in progress for the second OIL CMT high-discharge water pump of capacity 2500 GPM to be used for well control operation.

“Civil work is in progress fo digging/extension of the second CMT water reservoir (Capacity 12000 KL) near kill pump area to accommodate more volume of water.

Delivery lines laying work is in progress from river bank station to the reservoir.

Civil work is in progress for the development of debris laydown and kill pump area.

Testing is in progress for additional water pump at water pump station at Dangori river bank,” a statement said.

The erection job of heat shield in front of the second CMT pump station in the well site also is in progress.

Joint inspection of equipment mobilized from ONGC- Sivasagar by M/s Alert and ONGC CMT team at OIL CMT Yard in Duliajan is in progress.

“Due to agitation programmes, there was production loss of 458 MT of crude oil and 0.49 MMSCM of natural gas as reported on 15-06- 2020.

“Cumulative production loss since 27th May, 2020 due to bandhs and blockades: 5844 MT Crude oil, 7.53 MMSCM of natural gas,” an OIL official said.

Under OIL’s CSR Project Sparsha, the doctors and paramedics have been screening health and providing free medicines to the people in the relief camps.

Apart from health screening of more than 2000 people in last 3-4 days, awareness on health and hygiene was also carried out.

Under OIL’s CSR project Arogya, till date more than 9000 people in the relief camps have been provided with hygiene kits, sanitary napkins, baby care kits and disinfectants.

Civil work for installation of Broadband Seismographs was being undertaken.

In the meantime, the officials from CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat were called by Assam chief minister’s office and now the work will be undertaken under the guidance of the State Government.

Avik Chakraborty

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