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Hooliganism accompanied by intimidation to break out by inmates in COVID-19 quarantine centers in Assam’s Lakhimpur district has affected the medical and healthcare personnel engaged in these facilities with insecurity.

Inmates with COVID-19 positive status began to create trouble inside the Telahi COVID Hospital in Panigaon in Lakhimpur district from Monday night when they started demanding water for bath, better bathroom facilities and mosquito nets in beds.

The group of inmates came out to the front yard of the hospital creating ruckus.

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They also threatened to break out from the hospital if their demands were not met.

Later the security personnel posted outside the hospital restrained them by urging them through loudspeakers.

On Tuesday again the hooliganism by the inmates of the hospital kept the medical staff including doctors to be locked inside their chambers for twelve ours.

The COVID-19 positive inmates again came out to the front yard of the hospital and spit everywhere.

Later ten of the unruly inmates were transferred to the COVID facility unit of the Model Hospital in Bogeenadi in Dhakuwakhona sub-division.

Similarly, unruly incidents created by the inmates of a COVID quarantine facility in Narayanpur, is also reported.

More than 50 inmates in Jawahar Navodaya School in Narayanpur came outside the facility on Tuesday creating ruckus.

Farhana Ahmed

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