One prisoner, who escaped from the Lakhimpur District Jail, has been arrested by police Tuesday.

Papu Das, one of the four escapees of the jail, was arrested from his hideout at Durpang along the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh boundary on late Monday night.

A team from Bihpuria police station, led by officer-in-charge Hirannya Pator arrested Papu following receiving information about his hiding.

He was brought to Bihpuria police station on the night and on Tuesday, he was handed over to North Lakhimpur Sadar police station.

Papu Das confessed that he had escaped reluctantly as the other three prisoners, namely Rahul Daimary, Pranab Bania and Loknath Pegu woke him up in the night and asked him to follow them to escape.

“I was asleep when Rahul Daimary, Pranab Bania and Loknath Pegu woke me up. They asked me to flee. I refused to do so as this could bring more trouble for me if caught,” said Papu.

“But they said they had already broken the lock of the gate and asked me to climb the wall. I followed them and climbed up the wall with two wooden planks.

“Then we entered the compound of the adjacent NL Sadar police station and again climbed up its relatively low boundary wall and reached the road outside.

“We saw some policemen at the gate of the police station and so, we ran with a different course and finally reached home,” the arrested escapee confessed.

Papu Das along with Rahul Daimary, Pranab Bania and Loknath Pegu broke the door of the Lakhimpur District Jail on October 2 night and escaped.

Farhana Ahmed

Farhana Ahmed is Northeast Now Correspondent in North Lakhimpur. She can be reached at: