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Humanity has landed a group of young volunteers in Assam in trouble.

One Dulal Bora has lodged a complaint against a group of young volunteers, who had worked hard to help some of the people distressed by the recent re-verification process of the NRC authorities.

Bora had on Tuesday lodged a complaint with the Assam police seeking an inquiry against the group accusing them of illegally collecting money from people.

Bora, in his complaint, has also alleged the group of making objectionable statements against NRC updation process on social media.

Bora also accused that the group would try to create instability across the state through social media ahead of the publication of final NRC on August 31.

“Some of the extremely poor people in lower Assam received 24 hours or 48 hours notice from the NRC authorities recently asking them to attend hearings in places in Upper Assam, located 300 km to 500 km away from their houses,” said activist Ashraful Hussain whom Bora accused of collecting money illegally.

“Most of these people are victims of the recent flood and cannot afford to visit such far off places on their own,” Hussain said adding that they helped these people to ensure that they do not miss the NRC hearings.

“We have only tried to help some of these people by creating a sort of helpline,” he further said.

“People from different parts of the state donated money through our bank accounts so that we can help the distressed people,” Hussain said.

He further added that the group members worked day and night to help these distressed people and ensure that they reach the NRC hearings on time.

“Eighty per cent of these people are from the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category and some of them had to sell off their lands, cattle and jewellery to make out for the fare they had to pay for travelling to NRC hearings in Upper Assam districts,” he said.

“While our members helped to hire vehicles to carry these people for hearing and return some of our friends in Upper Assam districts waited overnight for these people to arrive and help them with food and guidance,” he said.

“We all did it for the sake of humanity,” he added.

Ashraful, Rehna Sultana, Sofiqul Islam, Mausumi Chetia are some of the members of the group who were named by Bora in his complaint.

“We only want the NRC process to get over successfully. Helping people is not a crime,” Hussain further said.

“However, some activist for whom activism is just another way to earn money cannot understand these genuine issues,” he further said.

Hussain added that they would be more than happy to share the details of their bank accounts with police in case of an inquiry.

“We have never misused social media space. We only shared some of our feelings on social media so that we can make people aware of what is happening,” he said.

Hussain further added that they have also been organizing medical camps in some of the remote areas where people have experienced worst-ever flood and erosion recently.

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