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The rising water of Ranganadi on Sunday made cracks on its embankment near North Lakhimpur in Assam causing panic among the villagers of the nearby areas.

The left-hand-side embankment of Ranganadi was breached by the dam induced flood by NEEPCO’s hydro-electric dam on the river in 2017.

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This prompted the District Water Resources department to take repair work on the damaged side of the embankment.

The department has laid tree trunks tied in metal cords to hold the soil of the embankment of the cracked portions.

Installation work of concrete porcupine has also been on to divert the speedy current of the river hitting the embankment.

At the same time works are also going on of protecting the threatened embankment in Gobarisali on its other side with erection of bamboo walls with sand filled bags.

An official of the Lakhimpur district Water Resources department present at the site blamed the release of dam water by NEEPCO’s Ranganadi Hydro Electrical Plant inside Arunachal Pradesh as the cause of the damage to the embankment.

Earlier on Saturday, the flood situation turned grim in Lakhimpur district as the Brahmaputra and its tributaries Subansiri, Dikrong and Ranganadi were rising.

The flood water of Brahmaputra and Subansiri submerged more than twenty villages in Narayanpur including East Nrayanpur, South Narayanpur and Jamuguri Gaon Panchayat areas.

Villages like Na-Pamuwa, Tintiya, Borbeel, Baligaon, Mazgaon, Boithakhona, Ker Ker, Sayang Ker Ker, Sayang Patir Banmukh, Kong Bong, Tikirai, Temera, Chakiyal, Anuboicha, Borati, Chelek, Dughoriya, Jamuguri, Silikhaguri and Salpona have been totally submerged by the flood water of these two overflowing rivers.

The flood water also has inundated the newly planted paddy fields and seedling grounds in all these villages.

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