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An incident of circulating an obscene photo in three separate ‘whatsapp’ groups of some elite people of Mangaldai in Assam’s Darrang district has made the elite circle of senior citizens, writers, artists, social activists raise eye brows in disgrace.

The incident has also raised the finger of doubt on the moral values of a senior lady who is also a mother of two matured professionally established sons.

According to the information a housewife, above 60 years of age and wife of a prominent contractor turned social activist of Mangaldai town has posted the obscene photo of a girl initially in a whatsapp group formed by a religious organization few days back.

To have some sadistic pleasure and fun, she again pushed it to another whatsapp group formed by a section of women writers’ forum and the other group formed by a section of members of a literary organization.

The unprecedented incident has made members of these three whatsapp groups, mostly senior and prominent citizens, women activists and literary persons shocked and highly ashamed to find this obscene photograph in their cellular phone and leading to exit of most of members from the whatsapp groups.

Meanwhile, a section of women activists have taken up the matter seriously and are going to convene a meeting in this regard very shortly and also may move for any legal or social action against the erring lady.

The conscious circles who don’t want to be named have demanded an inquiry into the socially disgraceful illegal practice and take necessary legal punishment so that it is not repeated and the dignity and image of the glorious Assamese society of Mangaldai town could not be damaged in future.

Significantly, the lady in question has reportedly been banking on a lame excuse claiming that her cellular phone has been hacked by some anti-social elements to malign her image.

However, information technology experts have ruled out the possibility of hacking of whatsapp communications in cellular phones.

Mukesh Kr Singh

Mukesh Kr Singh is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dhubri. He can be reached at: mkdhubri@gmail.com

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