At least six Public Works Department (PWD) contractors of rural road division in Goalpara voluntarily constructed a busy and important road at the heart of the town.

The contractors came forward to construct the road at the request of the district administration and the PWD.

The condition of the portion of the road, about 50 metre, was in a dilapidated condition and potholes on the road made the life of the commuters miserable.

“We received a request from deputy commissioner Varnali Deka to repair the road as the area includes market, bus station and a traffic point but remained in deplorable condition for a long time,” Padmananda Choudhury, executive engineer, told Northeast Now.

“But there was no immediate scheme implementing which the road could be repaired,” he added.

He stated that the area was somewhat like no man’s land as it didn’t cover neither under State Highway-12A nor 46.

“So it remained without repairing for long time,” said Banajit Adhikary, nodal officer of PWD (rural road division).

Subsequently, the office requested the PWD (Rural road division) contractors to voluntarily come forward for this noble cause.

In response to the request, contractors M.P. Agarwalla of Guwahati, Anupam Sarma of Pathshala, Jayanta Medhi of Goalpara, Utpal Medhi of Hekera, Dharmeswar Kachary of Daranggiri and S.N. Sing of Agia constructed the road.

The road has been constructed at a cost of Rs 12 lakh.

“This is a team work by our contractors’ fraternity and a gift of Independence Day for the people of Goalpara,” remarked Jayanta Medhi on behalf of the contractors on Sunday.

Sofikul Ahmed

Sofikul Ahmed is Northeast Now Correspondent in Goalpara. He can be reached at:

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