File image of Arunachal Pradesh Governor Brg BD Mishra

Arunachal Pradesh Governor Brig (Retd) B D Mishra on Thursday inaugurated the one-day international webinar on Hiroshima Day for peace from the Gandhian perspective.

Participants from four continents took part in the webinar organised by Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) at Doimukh as part of the two-year celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly addressed as Mahatma.

In his inaugural address, the Governor said peace is the fundamental right of all human beings.

He said the youth of the world must be brought up, groomed and instilled with the mantra of peace.

“Their first lesson, like those in ancient India Gurukuls, must be peace and goodwill in a peaceful environment, peaceful music and peaceful atmosphere promotes delight and happiness,” he said.

Recalling the devastation of nuclear bombs in the Second World War, he said atomic weapons are anti-human.

“Now, it is the duty of every individual on this earth to ensure that such calamities are not repeated,” he said, appealing to the participants of the webinar from the USA, Japan, Germany and South Africa to make a genuine effort towards global peace.

Cautioning the people against countries with expansionist mindset, he said that peace is the inescapable prerequisite for development and progress.

Reminding all the contributions of India since the Vedic period to the 21st century, the governor said that India has always demonstrated and promoted peace, prosperity and goodwill against the people of the world.

“May powers auspicious come to us from every side, never deceived, unhindered, and victorious. That the Gods ever may be with us for our gain, our guardians day by day unceasing in their care,” he said quoting a shloka from Rigveda.

The Governor emphasized that it is the responsibility of the present generation to ensure that the next generation grows to love peace.

RGU vice-chancellor Saket Kushwaha highlighted the importance of peace and tranquillity in the present world scenario.

Clayborne Carson, Director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Education and Research Institute at Stanford University, USA delivered the keynote address.

B Nayak, Miazi Hazam and Doyir Ete of RGU also spoke during the inaugural session.


Damien Lepcha is Northeast Now Correspondent in Arunachal Pradesh. He can be reached at: