A team of the AAPSU led by its president Hawa Bagang and general secretary Tobom Dai has called on the DC.

Amid spike in Covid-19 cases, the Arunachal Pradesh Students’ Union (AAPSU) has demanded immediate declaration of lockdown in the Capital Complex for three to seven days considering the gravity of the situation.

The Union demanded this in their submission to the Itanagar Capital Complex (ICC) deputy commissioner Komkar Dulom on Tuesday.

A team of the AAPSU, led by its president Hawa Bagang and general secretary Tobom Dai, called on the DC during the day.

The submission followed an assessment of the situation in the aftermath of two frontline workers testing positive at State Quarantine Centre, Lekhi village without coming in direct contact with any positive patients.

The AAPSU said immediate declaration of lockdown would enable swift contact-tracing of the first and second contacts and help break the possible chain of community transmission in the capital region.

“With the rising Covid-19 cases especially in the state capital, it has been observed that people have not been following safety measures strictly. Many can be seen flouting social distancing norms and without masks on the road,” Bagang said in his statement later.

Before any Covid-19 positive cases, there was strict lockdown across the state. But in direct contrast, it is surprising to see that people are carrying on with their daily activities, this at a time when the state is witnessing an increase in the number positive cases, he added.

The AAPSU president further said sensing the untold miseries being faced by the healthcare and other frontline workers, the union has placed a demand for arrangement of accommodation, food and other facilities for them at the quarantine centers.

Presently, many such officials and workers commute from their homes, directly or indirectly putting their families at risk, Bagang said while adding that all such officials and frontline workers should be properly tested before they are relieved from their duties.

“This is an important aspect which the district administration across the state and the Department of Health should seriously look into,” he said.

The AAPSU urged the state capital and the ICC administration to treat its concerns with all seriousness.

“If the results of all the persons tested as primary and secondary contacts come as positive, a decision on further course of action should be taken within tomorrow (Wednesday). Otherwise, we will be compelled to declare capital lockdown for safety and security of the people of the state,” Bagang said.


Damien Lepcha is Northeast Now Correspondent in Arunachal Pradesh. He can be reached at: lepcharaul@gmail.com