DIBRUGARH: In the insurgency affected Tirap, Changlang and Longding (TCL) region, six hardcore insurgents – three each of NSCN-IM and ENNG surrendered before a team of Assam Rifles and Arunachal Pradesh police along.

The surrendered militants also handed over two pistols and ammunition to the security personnel.

In view of the various successful operations carried out by Assam Rifles and Arunachal Pradesh police with the support of local population there has been steep downfall pertaining to insurgent activities in entire TCL region.

During his recent visit to Tirap on April 11 chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh – Pema Khandu emphasized on the aspect of youths shunning insurgency and joining the main stream as per new Underground Surrender Policy under Government Reforms and Prudent Financial Management, wherein a budget of 5 Crore Rupees has been dedicated for the same.

The local cadres expressed their will to join main stream and live a peaceful life.

As per the surrendered cadres the atrocities by underground outfit towards the local population, motivated them to lay down arms and join main stream to show their support against the inhuman activities of underground outfits.

The surrendered cadres mentioned that the “wrong practice” of NSCN factions to ‘use’ locals as “human shield” made them realize the inhuman motive of these underground outfits towards locals of Arunachal Pradesh and motivated them to stand united in removing insurgency from TCL.

Earlier also more than sixty important insurgent leaders and cadres from the TCL region have shunned the insurgent groups and joined the mainstream giving a huge blow to the underground outfits.

Avik Chakraborty is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dibrugarh. He can be reached at: babs8oct@gmail.com