A view of the inaugural ceremony of Tech-Art 2018.
A view of the inaugural ceremony of Tech-Art 2018.

A group of 24 engineers and technical professionals, who are also artists, have come together to exhibit their art works in the form of paintings, drawings, graphics and sculptures at the Art-Tech 2018 which was kick-started at the Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra on Saturday.

The exhibition will be held until February 16.

Organized by Rengoni-Assam, the exhibition was inaugurated by renowned artist Benu Mishra, Dr Nirmal Kr Chaudhury, adviser of Rengoni-Assam and painter Colonel Jiten Hazarika on Friday.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Mishra said, “It is good to see that engineers and technical persons are also involved in creative pursuits in addition to their professional work. I hope that in the future too, they would continue their work so that newer art works keep evolving.”

Chaudhury said the engineers and artists have similarities as both are involved in new creations. Just like a new building is built brick by brick, the artists also engage in creating new art works.

Colonel Hazarika said, “I believe that there is a distinction between construction and creation. A painting is a true reflection of an artist’s nature. One’s art work ought to be such that the spectator can identify the artist through his/her art.”

A view of the art exhibition - Art-Tech 2018.
A view of the art exhibition – Art-Tech 2018.
A view of the art exhibition – Art-Tech 2018.

“An artist needs to be original in his/ her creation. Without originality, one could only be called a ‘copy artist’,” he added.

Speaking about the qualities of a fine artist, Hazarika said, “A saintly artist needs to be a well-read person. He/she should be humble, creative, pure-hearted, spiritual and should be without any jealousy.”

Some of the art works of Colonel Hazarika, which were also showcased at the exhibition, have drawn attention of a lot of art lovers.

Through the Art-Tech 2018, Rengoni-Assam aims to encourage the self-developed art enthusiasts so that it does not get lost in the turmoil of day-to-day professional activities of working professionals.

While Pradip Deka showcased his unique collection of abstract art works on tiles and paper using white cement and plaster of Paris, Debananda Gohain’s paintings were inspired by Chinese art. Moreover, Anirban Deka’s paintings reflect his expertise in portraits.

Other participating artists are Akash Vishal Das, Atul Chandra Bora, Bikramaditya Choudhury, Brijen Deka, Debanjan Das, Dheeman Bhuyan, Dr Dilip Sarma, Jaanvi Garg, Jishnu Kr Das, Dr Joshodeep Boruwa, Juganta Jyoti Cheleng, Kalyan Barman, Muku Moni Dutta, Nilakshi Bezbaruah, Niva Devi, Raktim Dutta, Shyamal Bordoloi, Simanta Jyoti Baruah, Suresh Baruah, Syamanta Phukan and Trailokya Bordoloi.

Sukrity Gogoi

Sukrity Gogoi is Staff Correspondent of Northeast Now. She can be reached at: g.sukrity@gmail.com

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