District magistrate of Assam’s Dhemaji, Narshing Pawar by an order on Sunday imposed complete ban on trading of pigs, piglets and selling of pork in the district.

Referring district veterinary department’s report of large scale unusual pig mortality, the magistrate in the order noted that consumption of pork meat at this situation might cause serious health hazard to common public.

The district magistrate by promulgating Section 144 CrPC prohibited slaughtering and selling of pigs besides transportation within the district jurisdiction.

The prohibition order will be in force until further order in this regard is issued.

The order also cautioned that any violation of the order may invite legal action.

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District Veterinary department officials have reported that domestic pigs are dying in different parts of the district by swine fever.

The department recorded large scale death of domestic pigs at Uttar Dhemaji, Sissitongani and Jonai areas under the district during early January this year.

Later, a team of experts from College of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Khanapara, Guwahati in early February visited Sissitongani area in Dhemaji subdivision, wherein swine disease had taken a heavy toll on domestic pigs.

The team members collected blood, flesh and kidney of the pig carcasses for sample test.

However, finding of the diagnostic tests with the samples is awaited.

According to scientists, swine fever is a highly contagious viral disease which, in its most virulent form, can be 100 per cent lethal to domestic pigs and wild boars.

It is characterized by high fever, loss of appetite and haemorrhage in the skin and internal organs, while diarrhoea, vomiting, coughing and breathing difficulties are other symptoms of this infection.

Death comes in two to 10 days on an average.

The district Veterinary department received only 300 doses of swine fever vaccine this year, which was too inadequate to cover several thousand pig population spread over more than 1,000 villages in the district.

Large-scale mortality of domestic pigs in the district has incurred huge loss to rural farmers and they have urged the district Veterinary department to take time-bound measures to save their valuable livestock.

Prafulla Kaman

Prafulla Kaman is Northeast Now Correspondent in Dhemaji. He can be reached at: pkradio16@gmail.com