His exceptional rise in the industry can be attributed to his passion for the NFT and crypto world and his knowledge in the same

There are two types of people in this world, believers and action-takers, and then there are a few who are a mixture of both. Though it is challenging to be the latter, the ones who power their dreams with the required actions go ahead in gaining massive momentum and success in their respective fields and industries in ways more than one.

More and more youngsters are now coming forward to showcase their excellence even in relatively newer industries, and through the many risks they take, they also carve a successful path for themselves. Doing that and much more in the world of NFTs and crypto is LoFi Brian, aka DeFi Brian.

DeFi Brian is not your average guy with an average success story, but he is much beyond being just that and has proved the same through his incredible knowledge and expertise in the NFT world as an advisor to different brands in the industry and a founder of SoundMint, which is his unique collection of NFTs that effortlessly combine musical stems and visual layers, which blend into beautiful audio-visual pieces via their proprietary algorithm. They have become pro at connecting audio and visuals by making sure that each NFT is unique by assigning a hash that can be sent back to the original function for how it was generated.

LoFi Brian confesses that he loves metaverse and video games and so far has collected several NFTs and drops from promising NFT projects. Currently, he is also hiring designers and developers to take his NFT collection to the next level of development and growth and create more buzz around them. The collection’s first drop is sold out, and the current one is already being minted, while the team is looking forward for their 3rd drop.

LoFi Brian also is in search of experts at Unreal or 3rd modelling as he and his team are looking to build their metaverse team and tech stack.

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