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He serves as the founder and CMO of a one-of-a-kind genesis collection called Gaming Ape Club.

It is so surreal to know and read more about all those people and professionals working around varied sectors of the world who always believe in giving their 100% in all that they choose to do in their careers and endeavours in life. These individuals go ahead in making a special place for themselves in their industries, for they thrive on their passion, commitment, and determination to create a noteworthy name for themselves as true-blue professionals. Doing this in the digital financial industry has proved to be trickier and more challenging for the volatile markets and the unpredictable nature of the industry, but a few rare gems have still managed to make their mark and how. We came to learn about one such incredible man in the Defi space doing this and much more; he is Minski.

Nick (Minski) is one of those very rare gentlemen and brilliant minds in the vast and ever-evolving digital financial industry who has attained massive recognition through his visionary ideas and innovations. One being his one-of-a-kind NFT collection called Gaming Ape Club (GAC). He proudly serves as the founder and CMO of Gaming Ape Club while also serving as a community director at OvertimeGG. The Orlando, Florida-based professional and entrepreneur in the Defi space has created a lot of headlines recently for Gaming Ape Club, which is growing as a 6,550 genesis collection and a robust community in just a few short years.

Explaining what Gaming Ape Club is all about, Minski says that it is a 3D NFT collection consisting of 6,550 genesis collections (gaming apes). The team behind GAC is determined in its mission to strengthen the bridge between traditional gaming and NFTs by providing tangible value and benefits for holders while also integrating with metaverse and P2E communities.

It has already shown much promise and potential as a collection people can greatly benefit from, thanks to the astuteness of Minski and other team members.


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