While most of India looks to break through into the changing world of the coming millennia, some of it’s biggest companies seem to be stuck in the dark ages. Take a look at any of the top ten grossing companies in India and you will find oil barons, coal slingers, and fair few others that seem to refuse to take a look into the crystal ball. 

The world is indeed a changing place. As more scientists and experts warn of reliance on fossil fuels and the world presses for better options, India seems at a glance, to be a bit behind. However, look a bit deeper and you’re sure to find a gold mine of companies looking to change the way India does business. Hoping to keep that business going for many years to come. 

In the coming years, India is poised to be an incredible powerhouse in global markets. As the internet makes the world a big smaller, Indian business is vying to get a whole lot bigger. With on point and modern branding, holding hands with novel concepts and future minded business models, these five companies are what we expect to see more of. Especially as the demands, markets, and collective consciousness of our world evolves. 

Adult Products India

Adult Products India isn’t just about slinging sex toys in India. In fact, the company hopes to drive forward a new way of life for the country. One that by all accounts, is well underway. The company was started in 2010, and has seen nothing but an increase in sales and profit margin since then. What they’ve also seen is a change in needs and conversation. Opening up previously off limits conversation to all different age ranges, propelling India into the coming years and elegantly pulling off the veil of archaic and outmoded constructs. 


While Tata Group definitely stands out as a purveyor of many industries that seem to be going by the wayside, the company is not short of options. Founded in 1868, Tata is perhaps most adept at necessary change. Tata has come from modest beginnings to reign in hundreds of different industries producing thousands of different products. From consulting and IT, to steel, to airlines and automotive industries. Making them no stranger to change and well placed to deal with it, if not create it. Tata is for sure a force for any burgeoning industry in India. They have the Midas touch and inject that glitter in many industries, trusts, and research institutes that are likely to change the way India, and the world, move forward. 


Wipro is perhaps the primadonna of change based on market demands and futures. What started as top seller of palm and vegetable oils in India has become a leader in IT and consultancy industries. Throughout their history, Wipro has shown great promise in switching gears based on demand. They have had a deep history in any number of industries, but were fortunate- or perhaps savvy enough to jump onto the technology train early. Propelling them to top earner status in present day. In 2002, they were to become the first technology and services company in India to be ISO 14001 certified. By 2014, the company was added to the CDP Climate Performance Leadership Index as a company showing incredible leadership in working toward a climate friendly future. 


Sliding in just behind Tata as the second-largest Indian IT company. Infosys seems to be dedicated in bring India to the table when it comes to global marketing and technological innovation. With a market value nearing $50 billion, the company shows no signs of stopping or stepping down. The company continues to change the way the world thinks about securities in the technological realm. With 123 development centers across the world, Infosys is pressing hard to be a leader in modern business. Putting India on the map, and perhaps using that security skill in securing a solid future for India. 

Larsen and Toubro

Larsen & Toubro, known better as L&T Limited is a company that builds companies. With fingers in the boiling pots of construction, engineering, manufacturing, IT, and finance, it’s hard to do much of anything without some amount of L&T’s involvement. Which further serves to bring India to the table for future proliferation of business culture. As far as global futures are concerned, India is soon to be a force that no one will be able to avoid, nor will they want to. With continued innovation and new companies coming to change and oscillate the way business gets done globally. 


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