Tourism has become an important part of any country’s GDP and in recent times, it has been gaining importance in many aspects such as socioeconomic aspects, geopolitical aspects, etc. In India, one of the regions that are becoming a top destination for travelers is the North-Eastern region that is full of mountains, cascading waterfalls, and the distinct history along with the unique culture of the eight famous states of the North East, all of which provide an extraordinary experience. 

We have brought you a list of the 7 offbeat villages that you should visit the next time you’re in North East India and trust us, you would definitely enjoy your visit there. So, let’s check them out!

Zuluk, Sikkim

Zuluk is a town in the State of Sikkim that is located at a height of 10,000 feet from sea level and is at the feet of the lower Himalayas in East Sikkim. The town used to be a transit point to the historic Silk Route from Tibet to India, one of the reasons why the Town is famous. The silk route connected Lhasa (Tibet) to Kalimpong

The Thambi View Point, which is 14 KM away from Zuluk offers a panoramic view of the entire Mt. Kanchenjunga range. The town is surrounded by evergreen forests with sightings of deer, bears, tigers, and red pandas very common there. In summers, the area with its surrounding hills offers a mesmerizing view.

Namphake, Assam

Next on the list is the village Namphake in the Dibrugarh district of Assam. The Burhi Dihing River that passes through the heart of the village with its soothing waters provides a mesmerizing sight to the travelers. 

The Namphake Buddhist Monastery in the village is one of the oldest in Assam and also a popular sightseeing place in the village. The village also has an Ashokan Pillar built nearby and a Buddhist Pagoda. The Namphake village is a very popular place for Buddhist pilgrims to visit.

Molung, Nagaland

If you are looking for a break from your tedious and monotonous life then you should visit the ancient village of Molung in the Nagaland state. The residents of this village were the first of the Nagas to convert to Christianity and it is the home to the first Baptist Church in Nagaland. 

You can enjoy your visit there and have a relaxing time by playing a game of Scrabble and taking help from tools like Scrabble Word Finder that can help you with the game or tools like Word Unscrambler can also work and the same time, you can enjoy the beautiful lush green forest and scenery in the village. You will definitely enjoy your solitary life in the village where life is simple and you can have a relaxing time in a town surrounded by nature from everywhere. 

Andro, Manipur

The village of Andro is located 25 KM from the capital of Manipur, Imphal, and is located in the foothills of the Nongmaiching range. The village offers scenes that show the history and tribal traditions of the state. A sightseeing place in the village is the ancient temple called Chakpa Panam Ningthou Meithoupirol Shanglen or Mei Mutaba that houses a sacred fire that has been burning since it was first lit nearly 1,000 years ago. 

The village also has a cultural complex-cum-museum that houses the slowly disappearing traditions and customs of the region including beautiful paintings, handicraft tribal dolls, stone figurines, and wood carvings of local legends.

Dong, Arunachal Pradesh

Dong is a small village 7 km away from Walong located on the left bank of the Lohit River. The village is inhabited by the Meyors and it is said that it is the first place that receives the first sun rays in India every day.

The village is at a height of 1240 meters and has geographical importance since it is located at the junction of three countries namely, India, Myanmar, and China. The village is full of unspoiled natural beauty and landscapes that you would enjoy your visit in such a beautiful area.

Reiek, Mizoram

The village of Reiek is located on a prominent mountain that is located 30 KM west of Aizawl. The mountain has beautiful natural scenery to offer spectacular rocky cliffs notched with caves and caverns to the natural forest that are preserved since the days of the Mizo chiefs.

The drive to the region is a comfortable and soothing one as you will make your way through the lush green hills of the region and cross the Tlawng River as it follows through a narrow rocky gorge and then climbs up the hills. For a photographer, the whole area is a delight that features beautiful nature landscapes and lush green hills.

Kongthong, Meghalaya

The last village on the list is Kongthong, a small village in the state of Meghalaya that provides a beautiful natural panoramic view with its unique and distinct culture. The unique thing about the area is that people there have two names, a regular name, and a song name.  The scenes and natural landscape in this village provide a mesmerizing gaze.

Kongthong village is also known as Whistling village. It was nominated by the Ministry of Tourism, India for the World Tourism Organization’s and Best Tourism Villages award which is a huge milestone for the village.

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