Evantan dived deep into the NFT space and now has become a rising NFT proponent in the industry.

The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize how the world has been changing in ways more than one. This cannot just be attributed to the advent of technology but also to the passion and relentless drive of a few individuals, especially from the younger brigade, who work with 100% commitment and conviction to turn their visions and ideas into reality to eventually create more success for their industries, even amidst massive competition and saturation. Doing that and much more as an incredibly talented gentleman and an honorary Bored Ape is evantan, aka EVXN, who believed in his dreams, aspirations, and visions in the Defi space and thus went ahead in creating a powerful career for himself in the industry.

Making his name prominent in the Defi space was no cakewalk for him, but he surrendered himself to the industry, which led him to become a high-performing professional known for his brilliance regarding everything NFTs. evantan may seem like just another guy striving to make his name count, but he is definitely much beyond being just that and shows his A-game as an NFT proponent and lover who loves to own unique NFT collections and proudly showcase them on his profile on Opensea, Opensea Vault, Foundation, and Rarible. The kind of astute decisions this guy has made so far has worked his way well, bringing him to the industry’s forefront as an intuitive collector and professional.

He says that getting into the NFT space is undoubtedly quite challenging, but when people combine passion with knowledge and the right insights, they can become unstoppable in the NFT world and create enormous success for themselves as true-blue professionals, just as he did in the industry. Today, evantan is more than determined to keep growing his collection, minting great NFTs, and gaining incredible success.


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