It is the first DAO that is geared toward crafting premium liquor products.

It is so amazing to see the constant growth pedestal on which a few of the industries have been over the past few years. This consistent growth and development can be attributed to a number of factors, including one, of course, the ideas and innovations of a few incredible professionals, creators, and entrepreneurs. However, one cannot deny how the advent of technology has played a huge role in taking these industries to the next level of success, helping inspire greatness in their niches while also inspiring other budding talents vying to make their mark through their brands and platforms. The digital financial space especially has seen the rise of many such brands and platforms, including the much-talked-about RickhouseDAO, which is all-things NFTs and amazing liquor craftsmanship.

Crafting premium liquor products and being the first DAO to do that, ultimately turning NFTs into whiskey, is what RickhouseDAO is all about. It is the much-in-news, fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization that is doing this alchemy and offering the best currency exchange out there in the Defi space. Using the DAO structure, RickhouseDAO aims to create higher-incentive environments where communities get the opportunity to own and be involved in the evolution of the brand and membership of, which is purchased on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-1155 NFT.

Also, the team at RickhouseDAO believes that the quality of the product can only reflect the quality of the source, highlighting “the liquid matters.” One of their brands, Coladka, just won a gold medal with a 95 rating in the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London. Its membership NFTs consists of two levels, Founders and Master Distiller. In Founders, there will be 1000 NFTs, with each having 250 units in the DAO. They will use this to fully build out the DAO and get label approval for the liquor (Allow List 0.25, Public 0.4). After minting of the Founders’ NFT, 10,000 Master Distiller NFTs will be released, with each holding 25 units of the DAO (Allow List 0.15, Public 0.25).


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