He says that the distinctive features of his project carries enough potential to speed its way to the top.

Web 3 has brought with it a plethora of opportunities that exist in the digital asset sphere. There have been numerous technological advancements which have made many turn their interests towards this space, which is quite impressive looking at the slow start these digital assets made when they initially debuted. These ever-growing technological advances have given rise to many spectacular projects which have disrupted the industry big time. To push this space to extreme levels, projects like Forgotten Ethereal Worlds have been introduced by industry experts like Takoa, who has been observing this ever growing technology from close quarters ever since they debuted.

According to Takoa, cryptocurrencies and NFTs have been the game changer and at present every player hovering around this sphere wants to enter and capitalize on its growth story. This space was never as buzzing as it is right now says the industry observer who has played his cards well and invested in projects which bear maximum potential, like his own Forgotten Ethereal Worlds which is a landscape NFT project, comprising 345 Genesis with 3345 total supply. Takoa says that the project has attractive features which include passive staking, token generation, and level progression. $FRAGZ is the native token which allows users to awaken the maximum potential of their participation.

Takoa is also the co-founder of The Lambda Clan which is a community brought together by Play-to-Earn NFT games, focussing currently on Axie Infinity. Popularly known for their Lambda Scholarship, they are also majorly into cryptos & NFTs too. Speaking about this project, Takoa says, “the community owing to their passion for NFT & Play-to-Earn games have brought this project forward and our basic aim is to introduce the play-to-earn industry to everyone and create a space for all to learn. No matter what your experience in this field is, we’re here to provide a thriving community for all.”


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