4 Airport Lounges in India That Are Worth the Hype

Before your plane takes off and you fly off in style, won’t it be amazing that you get a luxuriating start too? That’s what airport lounges are for! Escaping the chaos to revel in a peaceful, luxurious space that feels like a perfect treat.

All airport lounges have been glorified for the wide range of exclusive services they offer and their plush and comforting seating space. However, a few of them truly stand out.

Here’s our pick of the top airport lounges in India that are truly worth the hype:

Travel Club Lounge, Mumbai

Visually stunning, with white and gold marble hues, this lounge offers a mini getaway from the bustling Mumbai airport rush. Located at Terminal 1 of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, it was launched by Travel Food Services – India’s leading food and retail company.

Offering world class luxury, this lounge is known for its impressive food. Even at five in the morning, you will find a good spread of hot dishes, salads, fruits, sandwiches and juices. Also, a live kitchen adds to the experience while offering mouth-watering options like dosa and eggs.

With complimentary Wi-Fi and salubrious toilet facilities, this lounge also has ample seating space with special overhead lighting and plug points. So, along with recharging yourself, you can also easily read and charge your devices. Also, for people who like to read while on the move, there is a wide range of newspapers and magazines on offer. With a business centre and a spa, this lounge promises travellers an experience they’d love to share with others.


  • Plaza Premium Lounge B, Delhi


Displaying luxury at its best, this lounge is located at terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport. Open for customers of various banks and credit cards; this one is relatively bigger than Lounge A. The stylish and elegant décor of this lounge is enough to leave you feeling refreshed.

With a separate dining area, a spa, shower facility and a private room, it offers world-class services. Also, you’ll find a delectable range of food on display – from Chinese to Indian and continental, all of which will delight your taste buds.  The live kitchen serves fresh noodle soup, eggs and other delicacies. Moreover, with a rich variety of spirits and liquor on offer, this place can be a perfect haven for you to revel.

Offering excellent Wi-Fi speed and dedicated work stations, you can also get your work done here in a productive manner. Much less crowded than other lounges, this one offers you some quiet comfort before you catch your flight. The prompt and courteous staff will make you feel welcome through their services.


  • Above Ground Level Lounge, Bangalore


Much like its name, this lounge promises to give travellers an exceptional experience. Catering to the needs of cosmopolitan travellers, this lounge is vibrant in its ambience, rather than sophisticated. This lounge at the domestic terminal of Kempegowda International Airport has a seating capacity of 250 and offers comfort and luxury, away from all the hustle.

With a wide variety of food on its menu that changes three to four times a day, it also has a live kitchen that offers chaat and south Indian dishes to delight the travellers. The presence of a glass kitchen also assures the patrons about hygiene. It has comfortable recliners and seating available to relax along with separate zones marked for offering prayers; conferencing, and smoking.

It has beautifully crafted interiors based on the history of Vijaynagar Empire (Hampi) that are sure to leave you in awe. With an elegant bar and adequate charging stations, this one will help you start or resume your journey on a high note.


  • Plaza Premium Lounge, Hyderabad


A peaceful and quiet lounge, this lounge is located at level E, international departures, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, near gate 28. With excellent tarmac views and comfortable seating space, you can easily luxuriate away from all the airport madness. Appropriately lit, the ambience of this lounge is sombre and comforting.

With authentic foods like Hyderabadi biryani and Indian chutneys on the menu, we’re sure you’ll enjoy relishing them all. With flight monitors on display, you can relax without any worry of missing out on announcements. The comfortable napping rooms let you catch up on some sound sleep before starting afresh on your journey.

Along with all this, this lounge has world-class conference rooms, well-stocked bookshelves and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity. All these amenities let you make good use of your leisure time, all in a comforting setting!

Your Entry to These Lounges

An airport lounge is indeed a blissful place away from all the bustle! Also, now that we have listed some of the best airport lounges in India, we’re sure you’d want to experience the luxury they offer.

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